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Tashkent city, Chilanzar district, I. Karimov Street 49
A bachelor's degree lasts four years (8 semesters). The academic year consists of two semesters: autumn-winter (from September 2) and spring-summer (from February 6-7).
Full-time studies are conducted from Monday to Friday
First shift from 9:00 to 14:00, second shift from 14:10 to 18:20
At TSUE Full-time, at USUE full-time / part-time
1st building of TSUE, 1st floor, right wing.
No scholarship is provided for the SMOP department
225 students
- Economics (Business Analytics)
- Economics (Finance and Credit)
- Economics (Corporate Economics and Business Project Management)
- Management (Small Business Management)
- Business Informatics (Digital Economy)
Upon graduation from SMOP, the student receives two diplomas: a diploma from the Republic of Uzbekistan and a diploma from the Russian Federation (Tashkent State Economic University and Ural State Economic University). Both diplomas give the right to work in almost all countries of the world.
The program of joint international education does not imply this.
The total cost of training at this time is 19 564 702 soums.
1) Справка и аттестат о среднем общем образовании (11 классов) или диплом академического лицея или колледжа с вкладышем.
2) Абитуриенты, успешно прошедшие все вступительные испытания, обязаны в короткий срок сдать в приемную комиссию ТГЭУ нотариально заверенный, качественный присяжный перевод на русский язык документов для отправки в иностранный ВУЗ. Все документы отправляются на сайт в цветном варианте, в pdf формате.
- паспорт;
- аттестат или диплом лицея или колледжа, включая вкладыш с оценками.
Приветствуется сертификат IELTS или TOEFL, который необходимо сканировать и также в цветном варианте отправлять в pdf формате. 
(Все отсканированные документы должны быть в одном файле PDF)
Documents are accepted until August 25.
First stage: (Exams are taken by TSUE)
1-block - Mathematics
2-block - Foreign language (English)
Second stage: (State Test Center)
- Russian language
Consultations will be held on the CMOP website and by phone:
+ (998) 71-239-01-09,
+ (998) 97 3333999,
+ (998) 90 9627359
Students have free access to the electronic library of the Tashkent State Economic University and the Ural State Economic University, as well as full access to the information resource center at TSUE.
The department of the joint international educational program has its own educational website and various channels where students can use educational literature and receive the necessary information.
Successful participation of students in various competitions, events, olympiads, meetings, scientific conferences held both in Uzbekistan and abroad. Annual participation of gifted students with successful projects at the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, held in Yekaterinburg by the Ural State Economic University, at the international championship "Your World is Your Project", held at the South Ural State University, training in the ten-day educational program "Softlanding in Scolkovo", held in Moscow, in the organization and competitions of start-up projects.
Educational and industrial practice takes place both in Uzbekistan and in other countries.
An important element of international cooperation in the field of competitive economists is the exchange with Russian students of USUE, where gifted students of SMOP and USUE get acquainted with the educational process at universities, as well as in practice in leading enterprises.
Highly qualified faculty of TSUE and USUE teach at the department of SMEP. Professors and lecturers from other foreign countries are also invited.
According to the approved plan, lectures and seminars were introduced for the CMOS 50% by the teaching staff of the Ural State University of Economics remotely, conducting webinars, lectures, seminars, control, independent work, as well as coming to TSUE.
In order to improve the quality of information tasks and exchange information with USUE teachers, a program has been created on each educational platform, according to which the student receives his username and password. Entering the personal account, the student gets acquainted with the progress, assignments and publications of the teaching staff of USUE.
A student of SMOP from distant regions is provided with a hostel at TSUE. Upon arrival in Yekaterinburg, USUE provides a free hostel.
The classrooms are equipped with modern technical equipment for conducting training sessions (Smart board, smart TVs, monoblocks, remote microphones, amplifiers, speakers, high-quality web cameras are installed for video seminars).
SMOP students in their free time participate in various sports, language circles, competitions, contests and olympiads. In order to develop domestic tourism, students travel to the mountains and historical cities of Uzbekistan.
Study and production excursions are conducted at enterprises, factories, companies and factories.
At this time, due to the pandemic, travel to foreign countries has been suspended. In the summer of 2019, SMOP students traveled to Bulgaria under the WORK and TRAVEL program, where they underwent practical training.


Направления образовательной программы

Our advantage


Double degree

For four years of study, you will receive a state diploma of the Republic of Uzbekistan and an international diploma from a partner institution.


international experience

The double diploma program includes a component of compulsory internships and internships at leading companies, and a diploma from USUE allows you to start a career in Russia.


Demand for graduates of TSEU and USUE

One of the key achievements of the University is the demand for graduates from TSEU and USUE in the labor market.



Ural State University of Economics

During the university’s work, more than 110 international cooperation agreements were signed in 41 countries (Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Guatemala, Paraguay, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Congo, Egypt, Iraq, etc.), including agreements on the development of a double diploma program in four undergraduate and two-graduate programs at six universities.

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Tashkent State University of Economics

Along with this, since 2018, joint programs have been implemented jointly with the Ural State Economic University and the Kremlin University of Applied Sciences of Russia. In particular, more than 200 students study in the field of economics, management and trade at the Ural State Economic University of Russia, as well as about 100 students study at the University of Applied Sciences of Krems Austria, in the field of export-oriented management, tourism and recreational management.

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Double degree

Double degree programs are an excellent chance to gain international experience and become the owner of two diplomas at once:

- Tashkent State Economic University ( Uzbekistan )

- Ural State University of Economics ( Russia )

- Austrian University of Applied Sciences IMC FH KREMS ( Austria )

- Turku University of Applied Sciences ( Finland )

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Public address to B.V. Nasimov, Head of the SMOP Department of The Ph.D.